Unique Cruises

For those seeking something a bit different. Adventure cruises, transatlantic crossings, and tall sailing ships are just a few of the cruise styles that offer a completely different type of cruise experience.

Adventure Cruises

Adventure cruises focus on the destinations and experiences. Imagine sailing the Antarctic or Galapagos Islands. Get close with nature and experience the difference on an adventure cruise

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Transatlantic Crossing

Before cruise ships and airplanes, the only way to cross the Atlantic was by ocean liner. Cunard Line dates back to 1840 with some of the most famous liners in history. Their flagship Queen Mary 2 is now the only true ocean liner making regularly scheduled crossings and is an amazing cruise experience.

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Sailing Ship Cruises

The ultimate nautical experience is to sail around the world, and there is nothing quite like experience of cruising on a tall sail cruise. The casual ambiance and intimate atmosphere brings a whole new meaning to the cruise experience.

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